Our Club

We are a private shooting sports facility, serving our club members from the Monroe county area and beyond.  Our mission is to actively support all forms of shooting sports, provide a family friendly atmosphere for our members and guests, and help promote any legislation deemed necessary to secure more fish and game for Monroe Michigan and all of the United States of America and Canada.

We are located in Dundee, Michigan 48131. The club offers a beautiful outdoor range with sections for rifles or pistols, as well as double five person stations for trap shooting. We also offer archery and hold regular events for members and non-members alike. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or shooter or you’re just starting out we offer a friendly beautiful location you’re sure to enjoy. For information about joining The Dundee Sportsman Club family, Click Here.

“I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully to defend from waste the natural resources of my country – it’s air, soil and minerals, it’s forests, waters and wildlife”

– D.S.C Conservation Pledge

Our Mission

The Dundee Sportsman’s Club to conserve America’s legacy of land and water resources. Through land acquisition, sustainable programs and leadership training, the Fund and its partners demonstrate balanced conservation solutions that emphasize the integration of economic and environmental goals.

Protecting America’s Land Legacy:
Central to our mission, The Dundee Sportsman’s Club partners with government agencies and nonprofit organizations to acquire and conserve land across the country—forever protecting wildlife habitat, working landscapes, recreation areas, community green space and historic sites.

Strengthening Conservation in Local Communities:
The Dundee Sportsman’s Club works with the public and private sectors to demonstrate sustainable solutions to complex natural resource issues through land-use planning, natural resource-based economic development and the application of innovative scientific research and technology.

Training the Next Generation of Conservation Leaders:
Through its courses, workshops and seminars, the Dundee Sportsman’s Club provides collaborative learning experiences and approaches for diverse constituencies to constructively address conservation objectives and achieve on-the-ground results.

Recognizing and Funding Excellence in Conservation:
In honor of champions of the environment and to encourage and support local conservation successes, the Dundee Sportsman’s Club partners with corporations, foundations and individuals to recognize outstanding leadership in conservation through award and grant programs.