Note:  In order to use any of the archery ranges you must be a club member, a guest of a member, shoot on one of our archery leagues, or attend one of our monthly 3-D shoots.

Dundee Sportsmans Club archery facilities include:

  • A 10 lane, indoor, 20 yard range for fieldtips only  (open year-round)
  • An outdoor practice range with straw bales set out to 50 yards  (open year-round)
  • An outdoor 3-D course with 30 targets ranged up to 60 yards   (open from the last weekend in January through the first weekend in October)
  • Indoor and Outdoor adult/youth leagues open to the public
  • Please call or stop by for details and pricing
  • Club members that complete 40 work hours get all range fees waived

2016 League Info

1/3/16 to 3/19/16 – Indoor PAA League (M,W,F evenings 7pm-9pm)

2/28/16 to 5/7/16 – Outdoor Hunter 1 League (30 target 3D, no rangefinders)

5/8/16 to 7/16/16 – Outdoor Hunter 2 League (30 target 3D, no rangefinders)

7/17/16 to 9/24/16 – Outdoor Hunter 3 League (15 target 3D, rangefinders allowed)

*Crossbows and rangefinders are welcome on all our ranges (except for leagues)

Download 2015 Monroe County Area 3-D Archery Schedule

Download 2016 Monroe County Area 3-D Archery Schedule