Membership Application

Dundee Sportsmans Club Membership

If you know someone interested in joining our club please have them come to the club and fill out a membership application.  They must attend either a membership meeting the first Thursday of the month, a board meeting the third Thursday of the month, or a club event to be sponsored and interviewed by a Dundee Sportsman’s club member!   Mailed in applications will NOT be accepted.

Please also be sure to review our club rules and by-laws and print a copy for your records.


To apply for membership just stop by the club to fill out an application and be interviewed. Someone can show you around the club and give you our Rules and By-Laws booklet which will explain in detail the requirements. The best times to stop by are meeting nights. Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month @ 7pm. Otherwise, check out our website or Facebook page, and come by when there is an event going on.

The application fee is $25. You must be voted onto the waiting list at both the Members Meeting and the Board Meetings. We like for the applicant to come to the meeting and be introduced. If that’s not possible, we will work with you.

We bring new members onto the roster in July and in December. You must accumulate 50 points to be considered for membership. The points are attained by working at the club (1 hour = 3 pts), participating in 1 league, 1 point is given for every sign in and 4 points for attending club functions. It’s pretty easy to accumulate 50 points.

Once you’ve been voted into membership, you’ll be considered probationary for the first year. Dues of $75 a year plus the new member fee of $25 will be payable at the time of membership. In July its prorated to get you to January’s payment date with the rest of membership. You must participate in 1 league during the probationary year, have 15 work hours, and have at least 12 sign-ins.

Once your probationary period is over, you’ll become a full member. 15 hours of work at the club a year and 12 sign-ins is still a requirement. Yearly dues are $75.

That’s it. If you have any questions, please email:, call 734.529.3581, or stop by the club.